Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sticks Country Music Festival

I had a great time last night with some friends. There was a BIG country music festival going on right outside of town here. I love country music, if you haven't already figured that out. So I was trying all week to figure out how we could go. How I could justfiy paying for the tickets when I knew I wouldn't be able to go for long. (The whole thing was 2 days and the price reflected it).

Well, Saturday morning my friend called and said she had free tickets!!! She got them through her work, and with some extra work, was able to get 4 more free tickets and have them upgraded to VIP!! VIP meant we got to sit closer to the stage, got free food in the VIP tent, got to use the VIP bathrooms which were much nicer than the Jiffy Jon's up on the top of the hill (Vicki even saw Gretchen Wilson in the VIP bathrooms!!!) and got to go backstage (where Sarah Evans and Jay Barker rode by us in a golf cart, I thought Heather was going to pull my finger off).

We had a great time. It's been a long time since I've done anything like that (I went to June Jam in Ft. Payne AL when I was about 21.) This was fairly tame. We only saw one fight...even though it took every police officer there to break it up and get this one guy to stop. Seriously, three police officers walked past us (or should I say were dragged past us) as they escorted this guy out of there. He was a pretty big guy, and he was mad about something. These police officers were struggling to hang on to this guy. One of them was hanging on to his hair (like you would the mane of a horse as he is galloping away with you).

But they got him out and all was fine, until these 2 guys came to sit behind us. In the VIP Section! They were decked out head to toe in black leather, nascar jackets, big cowboy hats, cigarettes hanging out of their mouths. And these guys had had way too much to drink. They were making lude comments about every girl who walked by. Joe started calling them Dale Jr. and Dale Sr., and I'm not one to sit around and watch or talk NASCAR, but that was just disrespectful. I mean this guy was awful and I think Dale Sr. is looking down on Joe saying "Thanks a lot buddy! You don't even know me!!"

Once the music started (as you would have about a 30 minute intermission between acts), it was all good. Dale Jr. and Dale Sr. stopped looking at girls and started listening and enjoying the music and so did we. We all sang along and hooped and hollered at every song. Vicki's daughter who is 13 I think, knew every word to every song. She wants to be a country singer when she grows up... So do I!

The dumbest thing I did was forget to take my camera, so I'll just put a few songs on my playlist by some of the artists we got to see. I'll see if Heather has any pictures and I'll get them from her.

Thanks Vicki and Sheppard for a great time!!! It was a blast.

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Amanda Holliman Parker said...

Ahhhh.... to be young again.... just hanging out listening to music... makes me want to go back! So glad you all had fun, and I think it's funny that Heather is so star struck -- glad, too that you still have your finger.

calim said...

I would pulled off your finger too! I love me some Jay Barker! Glad ya'll had fun!

Holly said...

That comment was from me i guess i typed in the word verification instead of my name. Can you tell Im tired

Elizabeth said...

That's hilarious I was wondering who Calim was?

Amanda Holliman Parker said...

That IS hilarious. You gotta new nickname, girl!

Dani said...

Can I just say JEALOUS? That sounds like so much fun. And you playlist is brilliant! Chrome! I love it!

kimberly said...

First of all, Holly is too funny. The word for me is oplacebo. Not as cute.
I wondered how Sticks was. Sounds like the people watching was worth it. We went to the 280 Boogie and loved it. Flower children and Artsy types aren't as much fun to watch though.

Tiffany said...

Awesome! I'm trying to link something from my blog to yours. Hope it works.