Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you know, yesterday was Justin Bieber's birthday. My daughter is a big fan!!! So, yesterday, she and her Bieber Buddy, Madelyn, (that's her to the left of Kate) started a movement. They passed out flyers letting everyone know that it was Justin Bieber's birthday. Told them to all wear there Justin Bieber shirts and if they didn't have a shirt, just wear purple.

Well, it was quite a movement. Most of the 5th grade girls are somehow Biebered up. If they didn't have purple or a JB shirt, they have a tatoo, or a purple ribbon in their hair. Even some of the teachers wore purple today!!!

Whether you are a Bieber fan or not, I thought it very cute that these girls got this going at their school. It's just fun!!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

AUHD- 2010 Compilation

This will clear up any one's writer's block. It's AUsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pause my music player at the bottom of the page so you can hear. And dance along!!

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Friday, February 19, 2010


Wheeler was eating his breakfast the other morning and staring at the back of the Cheerios box. Trying to read something on the box when he asked, "Daddy, do you speak cursive?".

I love that little guy!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

She Can't be 10!!

Dear God,

Please, please, please turn back the clock. And please God, after you turn the clock back, let me still know all I know now.

God, I've made so many mistakes, lost my temper so many times. Always in a hurry, rushing her into that car seat. I think I expected her to be mature and grown up when she was only 5. Please let me have those days back. Please.

She had her 10th birthday yesterday. Over half of my life with her here, in my house, is gone. It can't be so. She was just pretending to be Spirit and Pocahontas last month wasn't it? We were just playing Barbies together, last week, I'm sure. That laundry that I was so worried about while we were playing Barbies really didn't matter did it. Why couldn't I figure that out then....Please.

Again, I'm begging, please. Just back to when she was 3, after Wheeler was born, as I don't want to risk him not being here. I don't think I'm being unreasonable. A second chance with my first born is all I ask...Please.

If you can't honor that request, then please God, help me with this one. Please make the next 8 years go by much slower than the last 10. Please help me to make sure she knows how incredibly much I love her. Please let her forgive me for the many, many times I have been so hard on her. She is so wonderful, despite her mothers mistakes. Please let her know how proud I am of her. Please let me cherish every moment I have with her...Please.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rosey Nappier

Is your heart melting? Isn't she the cutest? She isn't even mine, she belongs to a neighbor. She is sooooo bad. I've caught her stealing my cats bowls, my neighbors trash etc... but I can't help it, I just think she is the cutest thing. She is a Golden Doodle, which means she is a golden retriever mixed with a poodle, but it must have been a toy poodle, because her body is almost the size of a retriever, but her legs are probably 4 inches long. Did I mention how cute I think she is. She is...

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Monday, July 27, 2009

NYC Travel Tip 1

Ask somebody!!

On our first full day in NY, Joe had to leave us at the museum of Natural History to go back and have dinner with some colleagues. When we left the museum at closing (5:45), it was absolutely pouring down rain. I had promised the kids we would go to Dylan's Candy Bar. So rain or not, that's where we were headed. I hailed a cab, yes, I, non agressive me, got a cab to pull over and didn't allow any body to jump in ahead of me and he took us there. After, I had to figure out how to get us back to our hotel. So we stepped out into the rain again and ran across the street to Patsy's Pizza (which I highly recommend!) and had dinner.

As I entered Patsy's Pizza place in my soaking wet clothes and baseball cap. I noticed right off that there were not many tourists in there. It was definitely more of a neighborhood place, I felt like I looked out of place, but everyone was very nice. Sitting next to us was a young couple, and I don't know how, but you can just tell the locals from the tourists, and they were locals. So I had my subway map out and was trying to figure out how to get home, I leaned over and asked them the best way to get to Time Square. "Just take the 6 to Grand Central, then get on the _ and it will take you straight to 42nd street", she said. Then he said "Or, just take the R, and it will express you straight to 42nd street". They both showed me on the map how either one would work and I opted for Grand Central Station so the kids could see that.

Down in the subway, I knew I was trying to catch the "6", but the sign lists about 4 numbers so I'm a little worried I might get on a wrong train. I see a man, sitting on a bench, texting on his cell phone, wearing a suit...probably not a tourist. So I ask him, "Am I in the right place to catch the 6 to Grand Central?" He tells me yes, says he is getting on the same train, sits across from us on the train, and makes sure I don't miss my stop. Thank you kind gentleman!!

In Grand Central I found another guy and asked him about which train to get on to go to Time Square, he tells me to just walk and tells me how to get there. So easy!!

After that night, that one subway trip, NY was a breeze. I felt so confident getting on and off trains and in and out of cabs. I figured out ho to read the subway map, but still always asked someone just to be on the safe side.

Oh! I forgot to tell you that I had to buy a Metro Card and couldn't figure out the machine. A very nice girl, stood with me patiently and helped me with that. I even thought she was going to pull out some cash to give me if I couldn't make my card work. I wouldn't have taken it, but wasn't that nice!!

New Yorkers get a bad rap. They are not rude, they are very helpful. It is a great place, we had a very pleasant time.

More tips to follow.....

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Off To The Big Apple!!

We're off! I was doing really well with my packing when we had a little set back. Did you know Delta now charges you to check your baggage!!! I swear, I already had our bags packed when I had to downsize. Had to take everything out of Wheeler's suitcase and share mine with him. His Daddy better hope I don't find any great designer jeans or boots, or he'll be shopping at Target for new clothes with all the money he saved by not checking that extra bag!! Cause I gotta have room to bring back some goods.

I'm just kidding, maybe.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Marshall Tucker Band

I hope Tiffany doesn't mind, I've pretty much stolen this entry from her blog. She doesn't have writers block. And my creativity is stumped, especially since her post says it all!

Yes, the Marshall Tucker Band!! You know "Heard It In a Love Song", "Can't You See", "High on the Mountain, Lightnin in the Air"... and....that's all. But still, I love those songs, plus, I heard that Phenix City had just built this fabulous amphitheatre.
We really had a good time, but I can't say the band was the reason. That poor guy, the lead singer, who I think is the only original band member left, has pretty much had it. You couldn't hear him, I was never sure what he was singing, his voice has just gone. He seemed like a really nice guy though.

We got lost on the way, maybe now Mark might get an i-phone.

Once we got there, it was sold out, we had to watch through the bars. Truthfully, not bad seats though!

Asking for directions was a little bit scary, and yet funny at the same time. Joe had just been telling us some shady history on Phenix City and how, many years ago, the attorney general had come to clean up the town but was killed for trying to do so. Let me tell you, from the looks of the people at that ampitheatre, and at the Family Dollar where we asked for directions, the AG didn't get much done before he died.
We did finally get in, because so many people were leaving, and didn't even have to pay. Tiffany and I got some new fashion ideas, though Mark says Phenix City is not where we should be getting style tips (I don't know why). We were absolutely obsessed with the 14 year old beauty who was double fisting the Budweisers and smoking cigarettes. We kept debating on whether or not she was really 14 or we were just so old that they all look so young. She was so cute, reminded me of Jennifer Anniston, but wonder what she will look like in 15 years.

Joe waited in a very long line to get us something to drink. About 5 minutes before he got back with our Beer they started singing, "Can't You See". I was worried that he wouldn't be back in time for us to share the experience together. No worries, they sang it for about 15 minutes, they sang it, then the drunk down in front got up and sang it, then some little girls got up and sang it, then the little girls sang it wrong, so he had a talking with the little girl and then they started over. Actually, it was very sweet, the girls were cute. Maybe the highlight of the concert. And then...It was over. And they never sang "Heard It in a Love Song!!!!!" I had been singing that one in my head in great anticipation all day that day!!!
But, as I sit here and make fun, we truly had a great time. I'm going to plagiarized from Tiffany's blog and list these reasons as to why it was such a good time.

1. the weather was awesome
2. the Mexican food was the really good.
3. the Budweiser was cold and I was thirsty
4. we got in FREE
5. the flutist was great! If you remember those songs, you'll remember that the flute is sort of the MT band's signature, and it is actually really cool!
6.Their number one fan was just a few rows in front of us. He loved The Marshall Tucker Band so much that it warmed my heart!
7. And Tiffany, I know you said this about us, but truly, we just had a great time with yall. You and Mark are a lot of fun and we had a lot of laughs!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breaking the Block!

All right so I have writers block (even though I don't think you can really call me a writer) since Earth Day. I just ran out of fun things to say. I don't really think I have much to say now but I'm just gonna try. I'll just start by summarizing our summer I guess.

In May, before school was out, I participated in Operation Boot Camp! I highly recommend it. It was great! I didn't miss a day, and now about 6 weeks after I finished, I am running about 3 miles several times a week! I always said I didn't want to run because I didn't want to have to get a knee replacement. Now, I'm running. Now, I'm icing my knee and limping...only 6 weeks into it. I'm considering signing up for a 10k, which is a little over 6 miles. Even I think I'm an idiot.

The kids had a great June! Kate was swimming with the Auburn Aquatics program and swam in a couple of meets. Wheeler has been taking diving from Jeff Shaffer, Auburn's head diving coach. I think it is amazing that we live in this town where you can get an olympic coach to teach you, and through the city parks and rec at that!!

They both went to Camp! Can you believe I sent my 6 year old to camp! I know, you would never send your 6 year old to camp but I am a bad mommy!! But he begged, and begged, so I let him go. I loved camp as a kid (even though I didn't go until I was 10). They both really had a good time and can't wait to go back. I'm telling you, if you didn't go as a kid, you missed out. And if you think your child might want to go, encourage it, it is so fantastic!!

Went to Lake Martin twice. Got to swim, boat, tube and ride Sea Doos. Thanks Barclay and Tiffany! Had a great time, both times!

Went to the Marshall Tucker concert, which is a post in itself.
Now, we are heading off to New York! We leave Wednesday, can't wait!!! Kate is really excited, she has a little better idea of what to expect.
I'm not sure if I have really "broken the block" but maybe it's a start. I'll keep trying by elaborating on previously mentioned activities.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Kate's class went on an awesome fieldtrip yesterday!! We are so fortunate to live in a town with such fantastic schools. I think our school in particualar is really fantastic. We have a counselor who does so many extra things for and with our kids. We have a principal who is open to new ideas and allows are teachers to think outside the box.

Yesterday, the whole 3rd grade got to go on a hike to a nearby state park. We didn't hike down the road. We hiked through the woods and entered the park through the back (with permission ofcourse). For almost an hour we hiked over logs and rocks, next to a big creek. Absolutely getting those kids out in nature.

Once we got there, we got to canoe in the lake, fish, and learn about trees and wildlife from county extension agents. We were there the whole day, the adults involved in this fieldtrip were great. They really put there all into what they were teaching. Thank you to Mr. Hooks, Ms. Moar (our venture teacher), Ms. Goodling (our computer teacher), and Ms. Calloway (our P.E. teacher). (And please forgive me if I'm not thanking all of the teachers, don't mean to leave anyone out.) Thanks to the County Extension office and to Auburn University for participating.

Kate is so fortunate to be getting an education like this. She has a message for everyone...Starting today, earth day...Let's remember to turn off our computers at night when they aren't in use, don't overwater your lawns this summer (about every 5 days is enough), call Pottery Barn and ask them to take you off of their mailing list (we can order from the website), carpool when you can, and reduce, reuse, and recycle....Instead of a New Years Resolution, make it an Earthday Resolution.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sticks Country Music Festival

I had a great time last night with some friends. There was a BIG country music festival going on right outside of town here. I love country music, if you haven't already figured that out. So I was trying all week to figure out how we could go. How I could justfiy paying for the tickets when I knew I wouldn't be able to go for long. (The whole thing was 2 days and the price reflected it).

Well, Saturday morning my friend called and said she had free tickets!!! She got them through her work, and with some extra work, was able to get 4 more free tickets and have them upgraded to VIP!! VIP meant we got to sit closer to the stage, got free food in the VIP tent, got to use the VIP bathrooms which were much nicer than the Jiffy Jon's up on the top of the hill (Vicki even saw Gretchen Wilson in the VIP bathrooms!!!) and got to go backstage (where Sarah Evans and Jay Barker rode by us in a golf cart, I thought Heather was going to pull my finger off).

We had a great time. It's been a long time since I've done anything like that (I went to June Jam in Ft. Payne AL when I was about 21.) This was fairly tame. We only saw one fight...even though it took every police officer there to break it up and get this one guy to stop. Seriously, three police officers walked past us (or should I say were dragged past us) as they escorted this guy out of there. He was a pretty big guy, and he was mad about something. These police officers were struggling to hang on to this guy. One of them was hanging on to his hair (like you would the mane of a horse as he is galloping away with you).

But they got him out and all was fine, until these 2 guys came to sit behind us. In the VIP Section! They were decked out head to toe in black leather, nascar jackets, big cowboy hats, cigarettes hanging out of their mouths. And these guys had had way too much to drink. They were making lude comments about every girl who walked by. Joe started calling them Dale Jr. and Dale Sr., and I'm not one to sit around and watch or talk NASCAR, but that was just disrespectful. I mean this guy was awful and I think Dale Sr. is looking down on Joe saying "Thanks a lot buddy! You don't even know me!!"

Once the music started (as you would have about a 30 minute intermission between acts), it was all good. Dale Jr. and Dale Sr. stopped looking at girls and started listening and enjoying the music and so did we. We all sang along and hooped and hollered at every song. Vicki's daughter who is 13 I think, knew every word to every song. She wants to be a country singer when she grows up... So do I!

The dumbest thing I did was forget to take my camera, so I'll just put a few songs on my playlist by some of the artists we got to see. I'll see if Heather has any pictures and I'll get them from her.

Thanks Vicki and Sheppard for a great time!!! It was a blast.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A New Era

You hear the term "Young Mother" all the time. At what point do you become just a "Mother" and not a "Young Mother" anymore. Does it have to do with your age as a mother or is it when your children are no longer babies.

I've been thinking I fit into the "Young Mother" category, even though I am approaching 40. I think it has more to do with the age of the children...new mother. Today, when my kids got home from school, I realized that our family has entered a new era.

Wheeler lost his 1st top tooth today. At school. He had lost the 2 on the bottom but I still thought of him as a baby. I don't know why the top ones are more of a milestone. Maybe just because that hole is just so visible. Plus, Kate got glasses today. The eye doctor's office called so I went and picke them up and took them straight to school. But I couldn't see her in them because they are testing so she couldn't be interrupted. So, when they got home from school today, they didn't look like the babies I sent to school this morning. It just felt like a milestone day.

They aren't babies anymore. But I think there new milestones make them cute.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break

We had a great time at the beach!

We played in the sand

My sweet boy helped me set up some shade! Poor thing the umbrella came open just as he tried to bring it to me, with the wind blowing him back all the time. He didn't give up though, he brought it on.

We swam in the ocean! Well, the kids did.

We made a new friend.

There was a rare moment...very rare!

We flew a kite

The boys played trains in the sand

Cute thing

They swam till they turned blue, it only took 15 minutes each time.

We rode bikes to the park,

swang while we were there,

then rode back to the crib.

Ate at an old favorite spot.

And ended the day with a beautiful sunset!

I do love the beach!!!

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