Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Marshall Tucker Band

I hope Tiffany doesn't mind, I've pretty much stolen this entry from her blog. She doesn't have writers block. And my creativity is stumped, especially since her post says it all!

Yes, the Marshall Tucker Band!! You know "Heard It In a Love Song", "Can't You See", "High on the Mountain, Lightnin in the Air"... and....that's all. But still, I love those songs, plus, I heard that Phenix City had just built this fabulous amphitheatre.
We really had a good time, but I can't say the band was the reason. That poor guy, the lead singer, who I think is the only original band member left, has pretty much had it. You couldn't hear him, I was never sure what he was singing, his voice has just gone. He seemed like a really nice guy though.

We got lost on the way, maybe now Mark might get an i-phone.

Once we got there, it was sold out, we had to watch through the bars. Truthfully, not bad seats though!

Asking for directions was a little bit scary, and yet funny at the same time. Joe had just been telling us some shady history on Phenix City and how, many years ago, the attorney general had come to clean up the town but was killed for trying to do so. Let me tell you, from the looks of the people at that ampitheatre, and at the Family Dollar where we asked for directions, the AG didn't get much done before he died.
We did finally get in, because so many people were leaving, and didn't even have to pay. Tiffany and I got some new fashion ideas, though Mark says Phenix City is not where we should be getting style tips (I don't know why). We were absolutely obsessed with the 14 year old beauty who was double fisting the Budweisers and smoking cigarettes. We kept debating on whether or not she was really 14 or we were just so old that they all look so young. She was so cute, reminded me of Jennifer Anniston, but wonder what she will look like in 15 years.

Joe waited in a very long line to get us something to drink. About 5 minutes before he got back with our Beer they started singing, "Can't You See". I was worried that he wouldn't be back in time for us to share the experience together. No worries, they sang it for about 15 minutes, they sang it, then the drunk down in front got up and sang it, then some little girls got up and sang it, then the little girls sang it wrong, so he had a talking with the little girl and then they started over. Actually, it was very sweet, the girls were cute. Maybe the highlight of the concert. And then...It was over. And they never sang "Heard It in a Love Song!!!!!" I had been singing that one in my head in great anticipation all day that day!!!
But, as I sit here and make fun, we truly had a great time. I'm going to plagiarized from Tiffany's blog and list these reasons as to why it was such a good time.

1. the weather was awesome
2. the Mexican food was the really good.
3. the Budweiser was cold and I was thirsty
4. we got in FREE
5. the flutist was great! If you remember those songs, you'll remember that the flute is sort of the MT band's signature, and it is actually really cool!
6.Their number one fan was just a few rows in front of us. He loved The Marshall Tucker Band so much that it warmed my heart!
7. And Tiffany, I know you said this about us, but truly, we just had a great time with yall. You and Mark are a lot of fun and we had a lot of laughs!

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Julee H. Nappier said...

Like I told you...lovin that shirt on you! Great color!!

Tiffany said...

Awww...shucks, Elizabeth! We love y'all too!